Project Management (FP7)

FP7 is the short name for the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development. FP7 is designed to serve as an instrument for funding research in Europe and to respond to Europe's employment needs, competitiveness and quality of life. The programme runs until 2013.

HELMAC offers advice on the feasibility of funding and help you to identify suitable programmes, funding instruments and calls for proposals. We support you in elaborating a proposal according to Commission rules by applying tested templates, coordinating and collecting your collaborators’ contributions, organising pre-meetings and ensuring timely submission.

  • Project Idea
  • Proposal Preparation

Our team will assist you in interpreting and incorporating evaluators' and Commission's suggestions for changes to bring your proposal to funding. All data required for the completion of contracts are collected and reviewed to draft the compulsory agreement between all participating project partners appropriately.

  • Contract Negotiation 
  • Consortium Agreement
  • Grant Agreement Forms
We take on the day-to-day business administration and management of your project: monitor the budget and the resources in line with EC requirements; check figures and best aussie casinos look after timely submission of all partners' contributions; organise professional meetings in convenient locations; organise training events as suited to your subject matter. 
  • Implementing the Project
  • Financial Reporting
  • Project Meetings
  • Training Activities

Our team acts as the central point of contact for any issues and problems that might come up during the life-time of the project and after its conclusion. We inform you in good time about possible hazards and their implications and find pragmatic solutions.

  • Help Desk
  • Trouble Shooting

HELMAC raises the profile of your project by publishing articles in relevant journals, organising press events and producing newsletters. We create and maintain websites to ensure the project's visibility. In essence we dedicate all our experiences and know-how to smooth away all administrative hurdles and managerial challenges an EU grant can imply.
  • Dissemination of the results
  • Project website
  • Save your time
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