Training Workshops

HELMAC organizes training workshops and seminars for raising awareness and building the capacities of Start ups and SMEs in the European market. With a commitment to improving knowledge and skills among entrepreneurs, start ups and SMEs, HELMAC works with the best industry experts in marketing, finance, policy, trade and private equity to deliver comprehensive trainings.  


  • Business English
  • Capital, Productivity and Quality
  • Competitiveness and Sustainability
  • Local and Global Trends in Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation and Intellectual Property in the EU
  • Start ups or business development and management
  • CIMA Qualification Training for Management Accounting  


  • Increased awareness of local, regional and international trends, laws and IP rights
  • Certifications in Management Accounting by an official CIMA Training Provider
  • Acquisition of transferrable skills, tool kits and practical methodologies
  • Increased efficiency across phases of maturity and within operations
  • Improved management and leadership skills and capacities
  • E-learning for distanced training and development needs
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